Thursday, March 26, 2009

ACRL Poster on Hopkins Libraries' User Needs Analysis

While at ACRL, I gave a poster session summarizing the research and analysis work that led us to develop personas based on patterns of behavior and experience found in our users' discovery processes. These personas were developed as a result of a User Needs Analysis study originating from the Public Interface Group, meant to inform the Post-Horizon Working Group.

The poster is below; you may wish to expand the viewer to fullscreen or zoom in to see detail. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Creating Data-Driven Personas to Aid Selection and Implementation of a Next-Generation Discovery Interface

The Research Team was: Sue Woodson (principal investigator), Ashley Conaway, Ursula McLean, Sharon Morris, Leigh Anne Palmer, Christina Pikas, Lori Rosman, Steve Sears, and Elizabeth Uzelac. The personas were prepared by: Ashley Conaway, Leigh Anne Palmer, and Elizabeth Uzelac.

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  1. Liz and all these were very interesting. How did you do the coding for the interviews?