Friday, April 22, 2011

ILLiad Conference, Virginia Beach

I attended this year’s ILLiad International conference in Virginia Beach from March 23 till 25. In the conference, I had a chance to communicate with Atlas support staff directly and sharing difference experience and knowledge from other libraries, as well as getting updates from Atlas Systems.
March 23, 2011 is preconference session. The whole day from 9am to 5pm topic is DIY ILLiad Tune-up where the Atlas staff was showing tune up the ILLiand from database to client, and to functions.

March 24, 2011. I attended the following topic:

  • ILLiand Update: The Atlas staff talked about new functions, features and releases since last year.

  • The ILLiad Tune-Up: Refresh, Retrain, Renew.

  • An Introduction to Developing Addons for ILLiad

  • Having Fun with ILLiad: Tricks to Customize and Simplify Your Workflows

  • Getting the most out of OpenURL requests in ILLiad – tweaks, tips and troubleshooting approaches

March 25, 2011.

  • OCLC Update

  • Putting ILL on the Map: Explorations in the Use of ILL Information & Reports to Raise an ILL Department’s Profile

  • Atlas Update and Closing Remarks, and preview new functions or features Atlas will release

By Changxin Chen