Thursday, April 15, 2010

Computers in Libraries (CIL) - Exhibits Only

Mariyam Thohira and I got free passes for the exhibit floor at Computers in Libraries in DC this week. I have some propaganda to pass on to various people, and some interesting things we learned:

Gale: to help libraries, keeping prices flat another year, and expanding access to anything that had previously been limited to x simultaneous users out to unlimited. Mariyam will be checking our holdings for anything that might be affected.

ProQuest: Much cleaner interface coming, publicity to start in May with interface change after that. It should be this summer, and were assured it would not be in the middle of the semester!

SerialsSolutions: 360 Link still does not have any way of dealing with licenses for only some patrons. :(

There are several interesting resources for language learning - Mango, Byki, even ProQuest has one. Haitian Creole anyone? Might have been really useful for the healthcare workers going down there recently.

Julie Blake

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