Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taiga 5 Forum, January 2010

The Taiga Forum is a community of AULs and ADs that meets prior to the ALA Midwinter Conference. It provides an opportunity for focused conversation on topics that cross traditional library functions in order to encourage organizational structures that are "more flexible, agile and effective." Its very nature is to be provocative. "Taiga is about change, a place of shifting boundaries." (I assume this is a reference to the biome for which the group is named - as well as the purpose of the group.)

"Where in the cloud is my research library?" was the theme for Taiga 5. The forum featured a series of "Lightning Talks" introducing the cloud concept and suggesting applications from core computing to staffing, public services, learning spaces and outsourcing/giving up control in general. Table talks followed with each table challenged to identify 2 core values and 2 services that might move to the cloud. As you might expect, one person's core value could be another's "give-away"; conversation was lively and provoking. Following the break the facilitators focused discussion on the reference desk in the clould and the core value of enhancing faculty productivity.

This group has an understanding that the conversation that occurs in the room stays in the room so I'm not going into lengthy detail. If you'd like to chat about these themes, please let me know - it is fascinating.

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